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� Mumps lay down at once, and made no sign of restlessness when his master left the room. � � � � av中文无吗日本亚洲欧洲_天狼影视 � 鈥淎ll next day the body lay in state in the palace; thousands crowding, from Berlin and the other environs, to see that face for the last time. Wasted, worn, but beautiful in death, with the thin gray hair parted into locks, and slightly powdered.鈥?01 "I was executive vice president of the discounters' trade association, working in my New York officeone day in 1967. My secretary said there was a man out front who wanted to join our group. I said Iwould give him ten minutes. So in comes this short, wiry man with a deep tan and a tennis racket underhis arm. He introduced himself as Sam Walton from Arkansas. I didn't know what to think. When hemeets you, he looks at youhead cocked to one side, forehead slightly creasedand he proceeds toextract every piece of information in your possession. He always makes little notes. And he pushes onand on. After two and a half hours, he left, and I was totally drained. I wasn't sure what I had just met,but I was sure we would hear more from him."Looking at everybody else's companies made me feel we were definitely headed in the right direction. All I know is that nothing ever makes me feel better than when I visit a store and some department headcomes up to me with pride and shows me all her numbers and tells me she's number five in the companybut she plans to be number one next year. I love meeting all these merchants we've got on our team outthere. When they show me an endcap display they've got loaded up with charcoal or baby oil or lunchboxes and then tell me they chose that item because of its high profit margin, and then go on to bragabout all the volume they've done with that item, I get so proud for them I can hardly stand it. I reallymean that. It is just the proudest I get. Because if we, as managers, truly dedicate ourselves to instillingthat thrill of merchandisingthe thrill of buying and selling something at a profitinto every single one of ourassociate-partners, nothing can ever stop us. �